Hi! My name is Abigail, but you can call me Gail.

This idea was formed as most of mine are — on my sister and brother-in-law’s couch with a glass of bourbon perched precariously beside me on the cushion.

I had just returned from a weekend up north with two of my best friends, and I left the trip feeling not unpleasantly jealous of each of their creative endeavors (Kelly owns her own graphic + website design business and hosts a blog and newsletter, and Maddie is a fashion editor at a major online publication and a successful fashion TikToker). A big part of why we became such good friends, and why we continue to be, is that we all value creativity, ambition, and passion — and on that fateful weekend and in the many moments since, I couldn’t help but feel that the two of them were embracing and living out those values far more than I was.

So here we are.

Why a newsletter?

I wanted to be a writer before I could write. Without even knowing how to spell, I was spending my early days filling notebooks with scribbles (and for that I send my apologies to both my parents and the environment, two things I really care about). I simply loved the idea of putting thoughts and words onto paper, and I spent the following years both as a voracious reader and as the annoying girl who offered to peer edit my classmates’ papers and essays.

I studied Strategic Communications in college, with a thought of maybe being a journalist, maybe a PR professional, or maybe a social media manager, but mostly wanting to be Andie Anderson, How-To Girl.

Now, several years later and with professional experience as a staff writer, social media editor, and communications manager, I’ve spent several years crafting words on behalf of others. I love it, and I’m grateful for it… But it’s time for something that’s just mine.

What to Expect

I’m not here to share anything grandiose (not yet at least…), but what I do want is to provide a little laughter, a little insight, and maybe a few things that could make your life 1% better. I love TV, movies, clothes, music, and the people who are important to me. I’ll be sharing a little bit of all the above.

And Finally… What’s With the Name?

Thank you for asking. For years, my friends have called me Gail, and I’ve taken it on as my online alter ego. Where Abigail wakes up with anxiety, an endless to-do list, and regret, Gail greets the day knowing she’s funny, cool, and loved. I’m trying to be Gail more.

Fridays are (obviously) the best day of the week, and a Friday morning cup of coffee is best spent reading something that makes you laugh and feel connected to someone else and to the world around you. The (ambitious) goal is to send this newsletter out every Friday morning, so you can have at least one thing in your inbox that kicks off your weekend on a positive note. Cheers!

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